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Client Testimonials




Bryan was the right coach at the right time...He asked the right questions.  I didn't know at the time they were right, but they were.  Our time together prepared me to take responsibility for the blessings before me and to not take them or my deserving of them for granted.  We got task oriented and accountable and I feel I made some hugely beneficial decisions during our work...I still feel a momentum since our sessions ended and absolutely think that when I'm bridging something else new in my life, I will call on Bryan to help keep me focused so that I no longer let life's opportunities stare me down into submission...Life Coaching with Bryan transitioned me into someone prepared to find herself at the top.  And I will get there. Thank you, Bryan.

                                     - Tracey Lee  




Working with Bryan has been a blessing for me. I was in between important transitions and there was an itch for me to sit down with myself and confront what made me feel joy, when I felt most present and alive. Bryan patiently helped me navigate my thoughts with honesty and commitment, and it could not have been better timed. While I have a ways to realize my goals, Bryan's voice and support has spoken truth for me to be more gentle on myself, and remember that everything is a process while we create ourselves. 

 - Fayzan Gowani  



I am a playwright but I must confess, I am challenged to be a disciplined writer. Procrastination and I are close friends. I sought Bryan's help to get through some of the blockage--mostly of my own creation--that was preventing me from being productive. While he is also of the arts community and understood my issues intimately, what was most beneficial was his ability to listen. He heard how I framed the issue and helped me to see how my vocabulary shaped my own perceptions. Then we worked on creating a new vocabulary, which resulted in new perceptions, and different and better outcomes. Now instead of feeling guilty for not using my time wisely, I look for and celebrate every free moment when I get to write. 

- Bernard Tarver  




My work with Bryan was my first experience of life-coaching, and it was unquestionably helpful to my personal development, sometimes in small, and sometimes in seismic ways. Bryan is an extraordinarily patient, thoughtful, and careful coach. Through short, focused conversations, he led me gently but steadily each week towards an honest assessment of my challenges, and of the solutions I always already carried within me. Working with Bryan greatly enhanced my self-confidence at a particularly challenging time in my life. I am deeply grateful for our time together, and I strongly recommend working with him as a coach if the opportunity presents itself.

- Rios Tagiuri 




Many times we want to move forward, but our feet and brains are just stuck in quicksand. I needed to move forward and working with Bryan proved to be just what I needed for me to get my creative DNA flowing again. Bryan has a gentle way of nudging you forward, but best of all he makes you responsible for your own success. So I became my own cheerleader, it helped me to achieve many of desires on moving out of the quicksand onto dry land and walking freely and do what I needed. Now, I am capable of finishing what I start, not pushing things away like before. And I still use some of the exercises he taught me when interviewing for jobs over the phone or speaking with people in-person.

- Michele Washington

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