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Life Coaching


Joy. Passion. Possibilities. 


Are you creating the life you desire? 


           Are you experiencing the possibilities that arise from passionate, joyful living? 


                                                     What will you create today? 


Helped are those who create anything at all,

for they shall relive the thrill of their own conception and realize a partnership in the creation of

the Universe that keeps them responsible and cheerful.


                                                               - Alice Walker, The Temple of My Familiar


Everyone deserves to experience Joy-filled living, manifesting the possibilities they envision. Are you seeking a change or shift in a particular area of your life, work, or relationships? Are you at a crossroads? Are you seeking clarity about direction…perhaps wondering what’s next?


As a coach, I work with people by providing them support to live passionately and joyously, manifesting the lives they desire, and achieving the goals they envision. We will engage in deep, meaningful conversations about what you want, and explore the alignment of your words, feelings and actions as they relate to your soul's desire. Our focused, intentional exchanges will allow you insights into your own personal power, strength and inner wisdom to make the shifts and changes you envision.


Deep within you, there is a knowing...a yearning to live from a space of Joy. Though circumstances are constantly changing and challenging to our emotional lives, though suffering may continue to emerge in our experience, there is always a pathway back to Joy.


What would it look like to live from this space of Joyful, creative self-expression. How can you open up to more? What are the possibilities? 


Yes! You can have the life that you want...because YOU can create it. 


Executive Coaching

My various administrative and management experiences in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors helped me to discover that my true passion and gift is standing for the visions of others. My work is about helping people connect deeply to what they truly want to create from a place of joy and passion and discover ways to support them in moving toward their goals. 


As a leadership and executive coach, I rely on my experience, understanding, and curiosity to support clients in achieving transformations in their professional and personal realms. While providing a safe space and practicing deep listening, I offer thought-provoking questions and observations that lead to new insights, discoveries, and clarity that ultimately support greater effectiveness, results, and authenticity in actions, communication, and relationships.

I have served in a variety of capacities and professional environments, including 30 years of non-profit administrative and management experience, as well as work in the private sector with both pharmaceutical and government clients. With experience in senior management positions supervising staff and volunteers, I have participated in the development and delivery of public health and arts awareness campaigns, public information and educational efforts, and strategic partnership building, as well as program development and implementation. This experience spans community outreach, cultural advocacy and production, grant writing, regrant distribution and management, information systems management, and workplace training. Through the years I’ve also served on the board and executive committees of several community-based organizations supporting a variety of organizing, community building and advocacy efforts. This breadth of experience and community engagement offers a unique perspective on the challenges of organizational leadership and workplace dynamics. Working in social sector organizations to support community change, growth and development has offered me insights into the group dynamics and interpersonal communication skills that comprise effective collaborative relationships for results and efficacy in the workplace, and a various types of organizations and groups. My extensive non-profit experience offers particular insight into the dynamics of mission driven work, and the human inclination to help create a better world.  


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