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I am a man who believes in Joy and Possibilities. Throughout my life, I have strived to seek the joy in each moment, and to discover the possibilities life continually offers. On my journey, I’ve found that — whether they are facing very challenging life circumstances at the moment, or just facing the challenge of navigating through life itself  —  many people are looking for something more in their daily living. They yearn for something deeper…a more meaningful connection to their own creative potential, and the ability to manifest the possibilities for which they’ve longed. My work is about helping people, in any moment of life, connect deeply to what they truly want to create, from a place of joy and passion…and to discover ways of being that support them in moving toward their goals. I believe everyone has gifts to share, and I find great joy in supporting the dreams, visions and aspirations of others; to constantly hold the space for the possible; to support everyone in saying YES to life!



Bryan E. Glover is a Newfield certified professional coach, award-winning arts producer, filmmaker, and writer. For the past 3 decades, he has worked at numerous non-profit organizations as a manager and administrator, primarily serving and advocating on behalf of LGBTQ communities. He has spoken publicly on a variety of issues including HIV/AIDS, sexism, independent arts production and spirituality. An Obie award-winning theater producer, as well as a producer of music, film and performance art, Bryan has been an avid supporter of the arts for over 30 years. He has especially been interested in enhancing and promoting the voices of LGBTQ artists of color, and served as a founding board member of Freedom Train Productions, the groundbreaking Black LGBTQ theater company based in Brooklyn, NY. Bryan has concurrently over the years actively pursued his own personal spiritual growth. That journey has involved experiences as varied as human potential trainings, and travel to West Africa to study indigenous spiritual practices, including time studying with noted West African Shaman Malidoma Somé. As a thinker and professional coach, Bryan is interested in the workings of community, fostering the art of conversation, and supporting people in manifesting their vision. 


In addition to professional coaching for individuals, he is also a team lead at Leading ChangeMakers, which seeks to achieve racial equity in nonprofit arts leadership. Bryan currently serves on the board of the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, which supports creative work in all disciplines that are empowering to women, Latinos and people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. He also continues to work as an independent arts producer, and is a founding member of the Black theater producing collaborative, Harlem9


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”


Jonathan Swift

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